Medieval Latin palaeography : a bibliographical introduction

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Sir Robert Roos, sheriff of Lincolnshire, collected the subsidy on lands, offices and annuities granted to Henry VI in This document records those individuals who paid tax in the county of Lincolnshire, noting the value of their lands, rents and other taxable income, and the amount of tax due. This document is a survey of the valuation of various manors which once belonged to Joan, countess of Hereford. The site of the manor of High Wycombe is described, including other buildings such as a cowshed and stable.

The third paragraph describes other rents in High Wycombe, including rents paid by the burgesses, freemen and villeins. This document is an inquiry into what property or income of the deceased John Dysney of Bishop Norton and his father John Dysney of Kingerby might belong to the crown, and includes a detailed account of the Dysney estate.

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This document covers four parishes or tithings in Berkshire: Burghfield, Sulham, Tidmarsh and Purley. For each parish, the head tithingman presents the total payment and penalty charges for minor offences committed by various members of the tithing. Offenders were amerced fined and the amount was written above their names. If anyone failed to pay the amercement, this was carried on to the next view of frankpledge and was amerced again for the same amount. Thus, numbers after several names indicate the number of times the amercement has been demanded.

Staggered holidays for comfort. Artist Eileen Evans, All content is available under the Open Government Licence v3. Search the website Search the catalogue. Search the archives Search our website. Search our website Search our records. About us Education Records Information management Archives sector. Latin Palaeography. Diringer, David. The Hand-Produced Book. London, and New York Gaur, Albertine.

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Medieval Latin Paleography A Bibliographical Introduction Toronto Medieval Bibliographies, Vol 8

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