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These are soooo easy, 8 ingredients and take 10 minutes. The perfect anytime snack, dinner or the BEST game day treat. I absolutely guarantee vegans and non vegans alike will fall in love with these nachos! I like to make them in a big platter and serve to friends, or just make them for my family for dinner. Layer vegan cheese and corn.

The Corn Crib at Wolf Creek Ranch

Bake until bubbly and crisp. Drizzle with Chili lime mayo and cilantro. These vegan street corn nachos taste like the real deal.

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You will be pretty impressed with yourself. Have you ever had Mexican street corn, or elote? It is one of the most delicious street foods of all time. Grilled corn, basted with mayo, cheese, chili lime salt and cilantro. I love coming up with game day food that will satisfy everyone and ensure no one even asks me if something is vegan. These vegan street corn nachos will do the trick.

They are everything, and this platter of nachos is always completely cleaned. Layers of chips, vegan cheese and corn. Drizzled with chili lime mayo and topped with cilantro. Now, taking half the chips, place them on a sheet pan then sprinkle half the vegan cheese on top, then half the corn. Place the remaining chips on top, then the remaining vegan cheese and corn on top of those chips. Bake the chips for minutes or until the vegan cheese is melted and the corn is nice and hot.

Set aside. When the chips are done baking, drizzle the chili lime mayo on top, then sprinkle with cilantro. Serve immediately. OMG… that chili lime aoli is ridiculously good. I will definitely be making this again and wishing I could have it for breakfast right now. I used extra lime, salt, and some chipotle pepper ground. I'm seeing a whole bunch of functions with four integers passed to them, which I'm guessing is an "object"?

Hard to tell since the variable names aren't descriptive and there aren't comments describing these variables. The code is unreadable as-is. You wouldn't NEED the "for" and "else if" comments if you indented because it would be obvious. So it seems to me that you can get rid of all code keeping track of the boat, like the variable fboat. And what happened to the wolf in this problem? Is the OP even still around to read this? It's actually an interesting problem. I know the answer, but I never thought of writing a computer program to solve it.

It's fairly trivial with only three items, but you could add a whole bunch of things that couldn't be together without supervision Lions and hyenas, snakes and mongooses, Crips and Bloods, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, etc. I'm gonna give this a try. One thing I'm not sure of yet is whether my implementation guarantees that the solution found is a solution that involves the fewest number of trips across the river.

This is one of those problems I think , that is actually much faster to figure out WITHOUT a computer program than with a computer program after you stick in all the comments so that other people can understand your algorithm, testing it, etc. Re-reading the OP's problem, I noticed that I did not actually use a "depth first search".

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I figured out what the possibilities were for each river crossing, checked to make sure the resulting state was legal and that I hadn't been in that state before, added that new state to the vector, rinse and repeat till I was in my success state. The only "searching" I did was to iterate through my vector to make sure I hadn't been in this state before. Hence I used a vector instead of a stack. I drew the following graph, which shows that there are only two routes of equal length. The starting point is the green dot fdwc farmer, duck, wolf, corn and the final point is the red dot, labelled 0.

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  6. The arrows are possible transitions. I removed the yellow states from the graph because they are not acceptable states. For example fw farmer wolf is not acceptable because the other bank of the river would contain duck and corn and no farmer. Some of those yellow states could be reached in principle, but the corresponding edges were removed.

    Here is the graph with all states allowed.

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    Note that an undirected graph can be drawn, because every move is reversible. Very nice, very useful graphs. May I ask what software you used to create this? I've been meaning to learn how to use one of these programs to make graphs like this. Still using pencil and paper in !

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    This library can also be called from C or R. Reverend Jim commented: Lazy Answered by AssertNull 1, in a post from 3 Years Ago. There is a boat at the river's edge, but of course only the farmer can row. So it seems to me that you can get rid of all code keeping track of the … Jump to Post. Answered by Gribouillis 1, in a post from 3 Years Ago. But I still think it's worth writing those sentences because … Jump to Post.

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    Jump to Post. Everyone has safely crossed the river! Thanks everyone for your time and help. Will post program soon.

    I'll have to check that out.