Geology of the Sierra Nevada (Revised Edition) (California Natural History Guides, Volume 80)

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Field Guide to Amphibians and Reptiles of California. More Info. Field Guide to Grasses of California. Mammals of California. Introduction to the Plant Life of Southern California.


Field Guide to Freshwater Fishes of California. A Natural History of California. Natural History of the Islands of California. Early Uses of California Plants. Edible and Useful Plants of California. Introduction to California Plant Life. Sharks, Rays, and Chimaeras of California. Dragonflies and Damselflies of California. Browse other titles in California Natural History Guides.

Geology of Newfoundland. Drawing Geological Structures. The Quaternary of the Lake District. Geological Structures. Geology in the Field. The Quaternary of South East Ireland.

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Indium: Geology, Mineralogy, and Economics. Other titles from California UP. Reptiles and Amphibians of the Pacific Islands. The Walking Whales.

Common Spiders of North America. Ants of Africa and Madagascar. Parrots of the Wild. Plants on Islands. A Sea of Glass. The Gnu's World. An Inordinate Fondness for Beetles. Originally known as Sierra Classics this book is somewhere halfway between the select works and the full blown Secor guide. Contains schematics and historical data etc. Peter Croft's down to earth route descriptions will inform and entertain you. Another "select" work which also contains roadside cragging, and eateries in the local towns.

Contains historical information and useful schematics of the more sterner stuff. Secor's bumper book of fun for the Sierra is still the quintessential High Sierra guidebook for people who want to get the big picture, and learn all about a mountain range bigger than the entire Alps. This print guide has been a long time coming. Waterfall ice climbing in the Eastern Sierra of California started in the s and the alpine ice has been climbed since the s. But until now there has been no comprehensive guide to these routes.

Short approaches for a fun day of climbing or long multi-day excursions in the backcountry; it is all here. App creator Chad Lawver announced in the forum thread Free! Authors: Richard M. Leonard and David R. Brower , and William W. Dunmire As of May , this is available for pre-order, with shipments scheduled for June. From the seller's website: "This guidebook covers every route from the classics to the obscure at the upper Needles, Voodoo Dome, Demon Dome, and the secretive Merlin Dome. Also covered in detail are Dome Rock and Hermit Spire. The Needles stately neighbor to the south, Dome Rock, is home to more easily accessible classic climbs than any other crag in the southern Sierra.

Hermit Spire, easily seen from The Needles approach, stands alone across the Freeman Creek drainage beckoning to adventurous climbers. Everything you need to know to get there, camp there, climb there, and enjoy rest days is in this book. You will also find interesting reading, including a carefully researched history of Needles area climbing, rounded out by personal accounts from Needles climbers who led the way. This book is the complete Needles guide. And coming in at pages only ten more than the book it will not be a burden in your pack.

The latest and greatest and most up-to-date guidebook to New Jack City - come see what you've been missing at one of the best sport climbing areas in Southern California. The latest installment of this popular guidebook covers various areas around Southern California and features extensive but not complete coverage of New Jack City. Currently out of print. The buy link goes to Amazon.

From the seller's page there: "Southern Yosemite Rock Climbs is a comprehensive guide to the rock climbing in the uncrowded southern boundary region of Yosemite National Park. Originally published in , and out of print for several years, this guidebook chronicles 20 years of Southern Yosemite climbing from the early 70s exploration by Royal Robbins and Fred Beckey through the late 80s sport climbing era.

This reprint of the original edition contains first-hand descriptions of the climbs as told by the original ascentionists. In the nearly 20 years since the publication of the Southern Yosemite guide, new approaches have appeared, new routes have been found and climbed, and a new generation of climbers have discovered the adventure of Southern Yosemite. All color. ISBN It has more than of the best boulder problems in one of the most pristine alpine rock playgrounds on Earth. Tuolumne has a little something for everyonesteep faces, golden diorite knob pinches, splitter crack jams, gnarly old school mantels and a little bit of every other style of bouldering challenge.

The classic boulder problems that abound have rich histories and traditions. You can climb in the footsteps of legends like Bachar, Kauk and Yabo. From the publisher's website: "Tuolumne Free Climb: 2nd Editions includes twice as many routes as the first edition: over of the best routes in Tuolumne Meadows from pitch trad climbs to one-pitch sport routes. Quoted from the back cover: "Rock Climbing Tuolumne Meadows leads the way to more than 1, traditional and sport routes and classic bouldering problems of all degrees of difficulty.

Expert climbers Don Reid and Chris Falkenstein share their knowledge of this high-country area, with excellent face and crack climbs on granite domes plus alpine ascents on the surrounding high peaks. Guidebook to problems at Columbia. I see this for sale at nearby climbing gyms, but the online store link from the blog doesn't seem to work in Not a climbing book per se, but full of lovely climbing legends, lore and gore, including some firsthand stories, from a coauthor that did a stint as a ranger in the Valley.

Now you too can bring your kids to the rocks. Floyd takes a unique approach to climbing books, using interesting little icons to represent information from the slope of the climbs to whether or not to bring your children along. An interesting book, though a little bit too small for a climbing region Yosemite containing thousands of routes. A fairly good compilation about Yosemite's "favorite" climbs.

Unfortunately, this also usually means that you'll wait in line on most of the lower difficulty climbs. The information in the book is concise and accurate, though often approach information is a little cryptic. Chris's latest Bay Area climbing books are split into bouldering and top ropes; this is the latter, with coauthors. The 8th edition September 29, of Jim's annually updated book covering many climbing spots in San Francisco's immediate area.

A good book on the Skyline and Castle Rock areas, expanded again by Bruce Morris to include content from his earlier, more specialized separate guides. This edition includes both roped climbing and bouldering in the whole South Bay area. Although published in , this still remains the most comprehensive guidebook to this high desert playground in the shadow of Mt Whitney.

New for is this select book which improves greatly on the comprehensive guidebook to the area by adding color photos, new routes, detailed descriptions and hand-drawn topos. The look, feel and layout on this is a definite step-up from previous guides to the area and is sure to help climbers new to the area find the routes they want and have a great time.

This is the third edition of the only guidebook available to these popular traditional crags near Idyllwild. Inside you'll find easy to read topos as well as accompanying text and overview photos - something quite handy when trying to determine the line taken by some of the more obscure multi-pitch routes at Tahquitz. Although dated this is a good overview of some but not all the bouldering in Southern California. Black and white photos with hand drawn maps throughout. New and improved with a huge number of problems of all grades, full color throughout, actions shots and detailed maps and ratings index.

This exceptionally well done guidebook details the myriad boulder problems scattered throughout Joshua Tree National Park. Loads of detail coupled with extensive maps and high quality photos make this a pleasure to just browse through, let alone use to find problems. The author besides climbing many of the problems, including many desperate FA's, has listed the problems with exacting detail, including GPS coordinates and overview maps as well as organizing the problems in the back alphabetically and by difficulty.

Printed on quality paper stock with a bomber binding, this book will see you through many a season of thrashed tips and sandbagged no-hold desperates. Reviewed by C Miller. The guidebook with the goods to San Diego's backcountry areas. Color photos with easy to ready topo overlays. The third of the series covering the southern portion of the Sierra Eastside with all the info to popular areas like Whitney Portal, the Alabama Hills, Pine Creek, Cardinal Pinnacle and more. Detailed topos, actions shots, and index and routes by rating as well. This 4th Edition is the latest version of Marty Lewis 's standard guidebook for the greater Mammoth area.

Over pages with action photos, a list of routes by grade and more. The Purchase link goes to Amazon. This is the definitive guidebook to 11 superb bouldering areas located in and around Santa Barbara. Author: Bob Banks Softcover; pages; topos, black-and-white photos Alpen Books; copyright Thoroughly researched book comes complete with historical hoopla, action photos and storytelling Also includes recommended eating and drinking lists to finish up each session Covers Pine Mountain, The Swimming Hole, Lizard's Mouth, The Brickyard and more Seems to not be available online now?

A photocopied homemade guide with photos, drawings and topos to El Cajon Mt. Simple yet effective, but the durability might be an issue.

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This guide gives you all the beta and covers all the major areas from San Diego to Santa Barbara. This guide is available at local outdoor stores and covers the limestone and coastal climbing on the Redwood Coast. The second edition of the guide to this popular crag details the ever-growing list of quality climbs to be done in this suburban playground.

Marty Lewis 's latest, greatest edition of THE guide to the fantastic climbing of the Owens River Gorge details over routes in this popular area. Lots of new routes as well as updated information on older routes affected by the rising Owens River. Bigfoot Country Climbing includes the coastal climbing from Moonstone beach to Promontory as well as limestone climbing at Trinity Aretes, Cecilville, Marble caves and the Caverns.

California Printed Sources - G

Well drawn topos get you where you need to be. It is available at gear shops in Arcata and Eureka. Indian Springs is a fun little crag with a lot of variety.

There are traditional, sport and top rope climbs and this is a great area for beginner to intermediate climbers. The guide book contains 45 climbs ranging from 5. The old yellow book is out of print - but you may be able to find it at a used book store, or a middle aged climber's bookcase. Lavishly illustrated with maps, topos and action photos. A sport climbers paradise with a year round climate.

From Amazon. From the sweeping walls of the Echo Cliffs to the awesome overhangs at the Owl Tor, from classic problems at Painted Cave to the vast boulderfields atop Pine Mountain, the many routes and boulder problems described in this book will appeal to a wide range of tastes and abilities. Written by one of the area's leading activists, Rock Climbing Santa Barbara and Ventura provides first-hand information to more than 50 scenic and uncrowded climbing areas not to be left off your tick-list.

This is the most current guidebook available for San Luis Obispo County. From Marek. A new book for Big Chief, finally answering my rantings on the current published information on Big Chief. This book has it all, photographs of almost all the rocks, excellent topographic information on approaches and wall locations. Edited by Marty Lewis I know him from his Owens River Gorge books, though he has another on Mammoth Area climbs , this book keeps with his style, which is the more information, the better! This book lacked in only one area: it is so narrowly focused, since there are other walls quite close by.

A small sampling of routes in the park there are a lot! Very useful to have, but a little route-finding is definately necessary! A Great book describing climbs along highway They have gone to great detail to ensure that their topos are excellent, their information is correct, and their ratings and climbs are fair. A good resource associated with this book is their website which contains many updates to the book, as well as new climbs in the area. Sign Up or Log In. Connect with Facebook or. Sign In. Climb with REI. Route Guide. Climbing Gyms. What's New.

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Get the app. California Guidebooks. Daniels Publishing Purchase this book A great select book detailing the best of the best with helpful maps, interesting history throughout and much more. The Trad Guide to Joshua Tree - 60 favorites climbs from 5. Rock Climbing: Joshua Tree Randy Vogel Falcon Guides Purchase this book Randy Vogel's Joshua Tree guidebook is getting a bit dated this 2nd edition was published in , but it still remains a comprehensive guide to the world famous area and works perfectly well for getting you to the numerous classics of the area.

Link is to the Amazon page. Chockstone Press, Inc. Hoover, J. Cottrell El Dorado Publishing ISBN This excellent book describes two areas around Placerville, and is by far the best resource for both areas covered. Areas Covered. Cosumnes River Gorge. Echo Lakes. Lover's Leap. Luther Rock. Phantom Spires. Wrights Lake.

Donner Summit. Eagle Creek Canyon. Indian Springs. The Emeralds. Truckee River Canyon. Close Ups of the High Sierra Norman Clyde c Spotted Dog Press Purchase this book Norman Clyde was the most prolific first ascentionist in the history of climbing in this range - so it's a good idea to read what he thought of climbing here. My First Summer in the Sierra John Muir, published by the Sierra Club Purchase this book Muir gleaned some of the truth of the Universe just by merely existing in it's wild and beautiful regions can it be that simple?

High Sierra Climbing Chris McNamara c Supertopo Purchase this book Yes, yet another Sierra select featuring detailed topos of "40 of the best" rock climbs in the backcountry. Climbing California's Fourteeners Stephen F. Secor 3rd edition c The Mountaineers Purchase this book R. Daniels Publishing Purchase this book The latest installment of this popular guidebook covers various areas around Southern California and features extensive but not complete coverage of New Jack City. Ghiglieri and Charles R.