Denial of Sanctuary: Understanding Terrorist Safe Havens

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Remarks by President Trump at Law Enforcement Roundtable on Sanctuary Cities

It subsequently used that territory to undertake many activities that contributed to mass-casualty terrorist attacks in other countries: producing print and digital propaganda that radicalized admirers and attracted tens of thousands of foreign fighters; providing training and instruction to new recruits; creating an international operations apparatus in northern Syria; and controlling valuable resources that funded a ruthless jihadist army and underwrote the apparatus of terror.

Several of the perpetrators of horrific assaults on Paris in November and Brussels in March had fought with and received training from IS in Syria, for instance. All of this was in addition to the gross human rights violations IS perpetrated within its territory, and the way it used the caliphate as a platform to destabilize a large portion of the Middle East. Yes, the detailed planning of those attacks occurred largely outside of Afghanistan.

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That group trained, in its Yemeni haven, at least one of the men who attacked the offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris in early Other examples abound: Al Shabaab has used Somali territory to build the capabilities needed to carry out major assaults such as the Westgate mall attack in Kenya in No responsible counterterrorism strategy would focus solely on safe havens, to the exclusion of diplomatic and law enforcement tools, economic statecraft and other measures. And it is possible, as several terrorist groups have shown, to carry out attacks without controlling a sanctuary.

The risks of allowing terrorist sanctuaries | The Japan Times

Yet no responsible counterterrorism strategy can ignore the danger these spaces pose. Does this mean that the U. Of course not. Not all safe havens are created equal: Those controlled by groups whose ambitions are largely confined to their home countries, such as Boko Haram in Nigeria, are less threatening than those controlled by groups with global ambitions.

Denial of Sanctuary: Understanding Terrorist Safe Havens

The U. Williams, Brian Glyn. Menkhaus, Kenneth John.

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    Innes ; foreword by Michael F. Michael A. His research and writing focuses on intermediacy in armed conflict, and touches on broader theories and histories of political violence, sanctuary, surrogacy, and political and legal exceptionalism.

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    Foreword by Michael F. Scheuer Preface 1. Innes 2.

    Understanding Al-Qaeda’s Pace Of Violence: How Size Matters

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