The Ten Lost Tribes: A World History

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Perhaps Bene Menashe , in Northern India, can claim the title. Or the Pashtun people of Afghanistan.

Where are the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel?

Or Native Americans. These groups and many more have claimed to have descended from the lost tribes of Israel. The tribes being spoken of are, of course, those of ancient Israel. Each tribe was assigned a piece of the Land in Israel.

The Ten Lost Tribes

After King Solomon died around BCE, the tribes split into two kingdoms as a result of a power struggle. The southern kingdom was composed of Judah, Simeon, and most of Benjamin often it was referred to simply as Judah. Many of the people who lived in the northern kingdom were exiled, mainly to Assyria, Media, and Aram-Naharaim. Archaeological evidence suggests that they were eventually completely assimilated into these societies. Meanwhile, some alien populations — Cutha, Ava, Hamath, and Sepharvaim — were brought in to settle the northern kingdom, and those groups all ended up assimilating with each other and with the Israelites who remained in the north.

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In BCE the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar attacked the southern kingdom, and exiled much of that population to Babylon. Though many lost their Israelite identity in Babylon, plenty of them retained their connection to their heritage, and eventually returned to Israel and rebuilt the Temple in Jerusalem.

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By that point the northern kingdom was lost. According to Parfitt, the lost tribes all assimilated into the groups around them, and eventually disappeared. At first, the people of Judah who returned to their land may have wondered about being united with the other tribes. The prophet Ezekiel even predicted that God would reunite the northern and southern kingdoms some time in the future.

Assyrian Tributes 2. An Enclosed Nation in Arzareth and Sambatyon 3.

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The Quest for the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel

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  5. Usually ships within 6 days. Overview The legendary story of the ten lost tribes of Israel has resonated among both Jews and Christians down through the centuries: the compelling idea that some core group of humanity was ''lost'' and exiled to a secret place, perhaps someday to return triumphant.