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A snapshot helps teachers transition from these regional scales to the mechanisms of inheritance and variation that allow organisms to adapt to their environment. Are humans disturbing this delicate balance between ecosystems and climate because of global warming?

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Students obtain information about the effects of temperature change on sea level, glaciers, or storm intensity. Students then quantify how Californians have a different impact than people from other parts of the world because of our per-capita energy consumption and fossil-fuel emissions. A snapshot describes a capstone project to monitor and mitigate human impacts on the environment. Integrated Grade 6 Vignette 5. Integrated Grade 6 Snapshot 5. Toggle navigation Menu.

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B: Chemical Reactions PS1. C: Nuclear Processes PS2. A: Forces and Motion PS2. B: Types of Interactions PS2. A: Definitions of Energy PS3. A: Wave Properties PS4. B: Electromagnetic Radiation PS4. A: Structure and Function LS1. D: Information Processing LS2. A: Inheritance of Traits LS3. B: Variation of Traits LS4. B: Natural Selection LS4. C: Adaptation LS4. D: Weather and climate ESS2.

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E: Biogeology ESS3. It rains and snows a lot in the mountains. A horse can make water boil by running around in circles turning a metal cylinder.

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During the last years, the Northern Hemisphere has warmed more than the Southern Hemisphere. Hundred-year-old ponderosa pines in one part of the Sierra Nevada foothills tower feet tall, but the same age and same species in South Dakota average just 60 feet tall.

Instructional Segment IS1 A cell, a person, and planet Earth are each a system made up of subsystems.

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IS2 Weather conditions result from the interactions among different Earth subsystems. IS3 Regional climates strongly influence regional plant and animal structures and behaviors. IS4 Human activities can change the amount of global warming, which impacts plants and animals. Life Science LS All living things are made of cells.

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The body is a system made of interacting subsystems. Ruby Nell Bridges Hall is an American civil rights activist. Social Studies. Civil Rights. Professional Development. Free Trial.

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