Path Integrals in Field Theory: An Introduction

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Specific learning outcomes of the teaching unit. The main goal of statistical field theory is to describe a system of statistical mechanics at the vicinity of a critical point by methods of Euclidian quantum field theory.

Methods of Path Integration in Modern Physics

The purpose of this teaching unit is to provide the student with an introduction to this field-theoretical approach and to treat the theory of renormalisation in statistical mechanics. The lectures introduce fundamental concepts of the theory of nonlinear systems and their motivation through concrete examples from various scientific disciplines. The evaluation is based on an oral exam.

The MoodleUCL website of this teaching unit contains a detailed plan of the covered topics, a complete bibliography, exercise sheets and a collection of exam subjects from past years. Teacher s. Hagendorf Christian ;.


Bailin and A. For a freely available draft see here M.

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Lancaster and S. Peskin and D. For a freely available draft see here [the right book, if you want to get the factors i and 2 right Zee, Quantum Field Theory in a Nutshell, Princeton University Press [provides clear physical picture, but especially in later parts pretty sketchy. The pensum is defined by the content of the lectures and the notes.

Lectures notes You can download a script from here. If you find errors, let me know. Corrections: Language corrections are welcome, but not listed below; see also for the erratum of the book. Exercises Week 2: Self-study of chapter 1 and 2. Week 3: exercises 1 and solutions. Week 4: exercises 2 and solutions.

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Week 5: exercises 3 and solutions. Week 5: exercises 4 and solutions. Week 6: exercises 5 and solutions. Local Quantum Physics Verlag, Berlin The Quantum Theory of Radiation, 3rd ed. Rosenfeld W. Pauli eds. Nuovo Cim.

Path Integrals an Introduction

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Quantum Field Theory II PSI - Lecture 1: Introduction to Path Integral Formulation

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Quantum Field Theory | John Vastola's Website | Vanderbilt University

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