Robert Coover and the Generosity of the Page

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Robert Coover

Only later does he leave these areas for the better part of town, San Marco. He is sheltered and cared for by Eugenio, who owns and inhabits the Procuratie Vecchie. Cured and restored to consciousness, he next experiences ever more traumatic events from Sunday morning to late night on Monday, one week before the climax of the carnival festivities.

The narration skips this whole week. Amid the drunken guests, a woman turns up murdered on the living room floor. What Coover has in store for his guests besides an evening gone mad is part murder mystery, part British parlor drama, and part sly and dazzling meditation on time, theater, and love.

The first major work of contemporary fiction ever to use living historical figures as characters, the novel reimagines the three fateful days in that culminated with the execution of alleged atomic spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. All of these and thousands more converge in Times Square for the carnivalesque auto-da-fe at which the Rosenbergs are put to death.

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A coal-mine explosion in a small mid-American town claims ninety-seven lives. The only survivor, a lapsed Catholic given to mysterious visions, is adopted as a doomsday prophet by a group of small-town mystics. The Origin of the Brunists is vintage Coover — comic, fearless, incisive, and brilliantly executed. It turns out my train to Cherbourg tomorrow leaves later in the morning than anticipated, so I will be here to do the p.

Understood about your wanting to talk about the med and the withdrawals. Big up about having the new computer! Such a nice freeing feeling. Enjoy it while the freshness remains new and novel. Look forward to reading the interview. Very happy to have come to the rescue, as it were. Lecturing full time sounds like a lot of work, at least to me who has no gift for creating lectures. The first round is just the first round, you know? Try not to sweat that if you are. Me, I have no holiday for the foreseeable future. I had no idea it existed or was on youtube or anything about it.

I too was quite surprised by how beautifully that worked. It made me think about doing a gif work in the movie form myself if I can wrap my head and skills around it. Yeah, weirdly effective. Yes, I would love a post about KA! Very, very much, if you end up having the time and space. Thanks a lot, J-P! Cherbourg was a long but productive day. Nailed down some key locations. Found the river for the river scene after having searched for weeks. I knew Hannah would ace it, yes! Did you find the emergency guy, I hope?

Umbrellas of love, Dennis. Glad you liked the look. Wow, time flies. Belt notched. Maybe interesting related tidbit: The author of the novel on which it was based visited the film set and fell in love with the boy playing the main character who apparently felt similaly about the author and they became boyfriends for decades until the author died. One thing I never ever remember even when I do rememmber smidgens of my dreams is what I or what anyone says in my dreams. Me too, about the hyperloop thing. Love, me. It really sucks being powerless like re: the TV series project.

I really does. We auditioned a guy that we really, really like. Like that we want desperately to accept the part. So fingers very, very crossed. Cherbourg, as I mentioned to Jamie up above, was very productive and long and unfortunately created a new setting problem that hopefully we can fix quickly.

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And yesterday the artist Destroyer said we can use it! I think starting a literary journal is great idea! In fact, finishing things changes your idea of what constitutes perfection. Thanks, man! That was cool. Yeah, I think the pneumatic tubes at banks are what got me obsessed with them originally. Oh, and Mario! I made a kind of overview-ish post about the American writer Robert Coover for you today. See you tomorrow. March 29, at pm. It appears that construction of the first hyperloop capsule is happening in your neck of the woods!

Fuck yea, great day!

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Have you checked out Huck Out West yet? Wanted to stop by with two things. Microsoft Word had to download a bunch of updates before I could use it for the first time, and it now has a completely different set of options for saving documents. I no longer really feel like talking about my dependency. At first, it helped,but then it led to a loop of anxiety far worse than the current effects of the drugs themselves.

Oh my, I really, really hope the actor said okay! Did he?? You finally found the river for the swimming scene! Ah this is amazing about the Destroyer song and his comment!

It must feel like such an honor! And thank you for the song. Thank you, about the literary journal! Everything you wrote makes absolute sense to me. I managed to set up the website for the journal. How was your day today? I still keep my fingers crossed for the actor!! Oh and I may teach an inflatables module next year that probably came about from reading one of your old blog days. Haha glad you like the Matta-Clark youtube analogy. Oh and yay gif movie! I still need to come up with another list and send out over break though obviously….

Hey-ho Dennis! Hats off to you and thanks for this Robert Coover day. He seems like a very interesting writer and thinker. Right on. Your trip to Cherbourg I do really like that name sounds rewarding. Good about the river, bad about the quarry. Any word on a rubble location yet? I want to make a film or maybe just take a bunch of photos in Sunderland. And I revisited the osteopath this morning and she seems to have worked her magic again. What did your Wednesday consist of? Film stuff? Anything else? Breakfast love, Jamie.

What a sad day this was, and what worrying times these are. Then my last call took an age to complete, I was out late and had to miss my usual oxygen session so just stayed home and watched Brexit on the news instead. March 30, at am. Hey Dennis, Nice Robert Coover day. A real hero. My computer died on me this weekend, which has really slowed me down the past few days.

Hopefully the problem will be resolved soon.

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I really liked it overall, but it felt… transitional. Sometimes that worked well but other times the additional narrative sat somewhat awkwardly. It still cast a spell and many of the sequences were jaw-dropping. Be very curious to hear your take on it whenever you get a chance to see it.

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Was sorry to read about the opera woes. Did your secret composer bail on the project? To ask other readers questions about The Review of Contemporary Fiction , please sign up.


Be the first to ask a question about The Review of Contemporary Fiction. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Jul 28, Nathan "N. This issue consists of three genre of contributions: 1 The first is the loving. Colleagues, students, and fellow literary travelers provide short encomia, appreciations, and remembrances of Bob, not deceased. If only because Bob rarely gets the acknowledgement he deserves. The goodreads numbers for him, in toto , run thusly: 3, ratings and reviews.

That for a writer working 45 and more years, still publishing. Who wants to read the fiction of anyone other than Bob in an issue dedicated to Bob?

  1. Robert Coover and the Generosity of the Page by Stéphane Vanderhaeghe.
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  6. Some of these are clever, some irritating. Some both. But we knew that going in. For better or worse. There was a problem with saving your item s for later. You can go to cart and save for later there. Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Write a review. Stephane Vanderhaeghe. Walmart Tell us if something is incorrect. Out of stock. Book Format: Choose an option. Get In-Stock Alert. Product Highlights An unconventional look at Robert Coover's work from his early masterpiece The Origin of the Brunists to the recent Noir , Vanderhaeghe's study offers a self-reflexive investigation into the ways in which Coover's stories often challenge the reader to resist the conventions of sense-making and even literary criticism.

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