Drupal 7: Visual QuickStart Guide

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Privilege the Content Creator 4.

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Make the default settings smart. Some of the usability improvements for content managers include: simplified startup options, information architecture cleanup with an emphasis on simpler tasks , a tab to quickly find recently added content, point and click editing, a customizable sitewide dashboard, and redesigned forms. DrupalCamps seemingly popped up everywhere in and looks to be no different.

Drupal 7 - How To Create Custom Views Templates

There is an onslaught of Drupal books hitting the market in Some cover advanced Drupal 6 topics, while others serve as nice introductions to Drupal 7. Packt Publishing always seems to be pumping out Drupal books. That should keep everyone busy for a while. What are you looking forward to in ?

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  2. Drupal 7 Visual Quickstart Guide Tom Geller;
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  4. Building Enclosure in Hong Kong;

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What Will Drupal Bring Us in 2010?

Lots of links to choose from. Thanks to Webenabled for sponsoring this week's podcast.

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Create, develop, and deploy Drupal applications entirely on the Webenabled platform. Provides an easy way to search, bookmark, and rate free audiobooks from the LibriVox project.

LibriVox is a volunteer-driven community that produced audiobooks from public domain books. Additional information about the site is available on drupal. Wappalyzer bookmarklet There's a bookmarklet for Wappalyzer that lets you identify Drupal and other web apps running on web sites - the bookmarklet will run in almost any browser.

Pleasant surprise Hi guys, Just started to listen to your podcasts and got a bit surprised when listening to this one as you mentioned my proposal on how Planet Drupal can be improved.